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International business, renewable energy development or digital transformation today means constantly keeping your own business objectives in sight while staying fully aware of the big picture.  That big picture has never been more complex – market volatility, new actors, evolving technology, regulatory constraints and numerous other challenges mean the only certainty is change.

15 years on strategic development and marketing management in France , Middle East, Africa and USA Subsidiary of ACL group with a global presence

Created by successful entrepreneurs willing to ease international business growth and trade between their countries, DeMusset is set to become a major key player in International Trade and Business Expansion Consultancy.

Founded in September 2016, DeMusset is already helping small businesses and large corporations in Finance, Energy, Telecom and IT Technologies in 30+ countries.

We successfully take you to unexplored lands through our trusted network of partners and experienced consultants, who know your industry like the back of their hand.

Our key success factors:

Move Fast

We always try to get you the response in no-time as we believe that a bad response is better than a silence


Be Resilient

We know that the big firms, the internal policies of centralized procurement will push us away but we will keep trying

Our People

We do not deliver the project, we help you achieve something that will make sense and take pride for it.  Our best KPI is our people happiness and willing to continue with you.

We can say “No”

We know how to say “no” to a customer even if it costs us the project We believe that compromise as a standard kills creativity and value.

Our Network & Capabilities


Transparency and engagement are at the heart of the close relationships that DeMusset consultants will build with its clients and partners. DeMusset management has worked, with over 50 customers and many consultants collaborate with their companies worldwide.

Our team will be dedicated to clients' relations, ensuring personal needs and requirements are continually met. Among them, regional professionals maintain an ongoing dialogue with investors, partners and clients while others are fully dedicated to client servicing and continuously strive to provide clients with the most timely, reliable information and work possible.

  • We will only consult within our areas of knowledge.
  • We will build future clients from current relationships.
  • We will be brutally honest with ourselves and our clients.
  • We will strive to improve ourselves and our business.
  • We will strive to balance our personal and professional lives.

Our Team


Abder Rochdi

Associate Director - International Business Development
New York City, USA

Abder Rochdi has a broad contact network across the Europe, US, Middle East and Africa and is recognized as an Emerging market development expert. He is responsible for spearheading the overall growth and direction of the company´s marketing initiatives, investments, strategic partnerships and customers acquisition. Abder´s primary responsibilities include defining and executing the company´s strategy, evaluating and optimizing all aspects of the customer experience. He is also directly responsible for initiating and maintaining all partnership relationships to help benefit and promote the company´s business, investments, image and business model.

Abder has been involved in several transformation project and new venture as a Strategy consultant, providing high level resources to its client and bringing them a new.

A French native, He holds a masters degree in Marketing, certified as Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation practitioner. He went through several executive education program at Columbia University (New York) and NYU.  He has been teaching entrepreneurship and business development to Universities, corporates and business schools’ students. Abder is fluent in several languages (English, French, Arabic and Spanish).

Vincent Grzeziczak

Associate - leasing and equipment finance
London & Paris

Vincent Grzeziczak is a Financial Engineering Expert for over 15 years. He founded its first financial leasing company which he chaired until 2008, company specialized in the financing of large IT systems and computer infrastructures (a turnover of 16 M€ in 2007. Drawing upon his extensive industry knowledge and experience as head of various services companies, he worked two years abroad.

Currently, Vincent Grzeziczak is President of ASSETLease located in France. ASSETLease is a company specialized in providing flexible and progressive financing and leasing solutions. As part of its strategy, ASSETLEASE is setting up a branch in London and launching its activities in west Africa.


Jean-Pierre Ponsin

Associate - Project Finance & M&A
Paris - France

Jean Pierre PONSIN holds a Phd in Business Law from Paris University, had also a master in Political science (science Po Paris) and 40 experience as a Banker in France. Jean-Pierre has successively held a career as General Manager BFM (SOCIETE GENERALE), Chairman SODERBAIL, Chief Financial Officer Naval, Chairman of Picardie Investment and Chief Executive Officer of Banque de Picardie. Familiar with the high decision-making spheres of the world of finance, whether large Groups or P.M.E / P.M.I., He founded EIFFEL CONSULTING, a company specializing in mergers and acquisitions, fund raising and asset management. Jean Pierre PONSIN is a member of the Financial Investment Advisory Company, an association approved by the AMF, has been decorated as Knight of the Legion of Honour by the French Government for its services to the country. Jean-Pierre is member of several Boards of French and international companies. He provides his services to the french arbitration court on case by case basis.

He acts now as a senior Consultant with the DeMusset on project finance structuring, Debt and equity raising, Due diligence and Global Strategy.

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