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Our team of consultants will screen business cases and opportunities from Europe Middle East and Africa to source the best in class opportunities to introduce to our network of customers, partners and distributors through one to one meetings. Our process is defined in 5 inclusive steps:

KYM (know Your Market) approach.

Based on the Famous KYC developed for the Banking sector, we believe in the same approach. The best for you to know if you will be successful oversees is to get there and know the market. Our job is to assist, organize and clarify when required any situation.  Our step by step approach can be customized based on your international development maturity and expectations.



Great things happen when people come together.

Great things happen when people come together.

Face-to-face interaction is the platform where deals are struck, relationships are forged and ideas are generated. That’s what Meetings Mean Business is all about: showing the real power of what business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions collectively do for people, businesses and communities.


There’s no substitute for a handshake and the value of your network can’t be overstated. This conventional wisdom is all true. But beyond the qualitative, there are concrete, tangible outcomes that come from personal connections


Every business needs to make smart decisions with its resources. Hosting a client event, sending a team to a conference, providing employees with incentive travel, and investing in a trade show are significant investments – but what’s the return? Here’s a hint: it’s far more than you think.

KYM steps

  • Step1 -On-boarding:

    evaluating your demand through a business Q&A session - We define together a snapshot of the opportunity to the new market and one of consultant is assigned to you.

  • Step2 - Business acceptance and plan tailoring:

    The consultant will collect your business communication collaterals and work with you to tailor them if necessary to regional clients, distributors or partners.

  • Step 3- Market screening & Roadshow planning:

    The team will detail the customers, distributors, partners targeted for your Business, summarize their initial feedback, and the meeting schedule with the confirmed customers, distributors or partners along with their profiles.

  • Step 4 - Roadshow:

    Time for face-to-face meeting with your new reality. The Consultants will facilitate the meeting and additional introductions. You will also have a short, face-to-face debrief at the end of the day, to plan immediate follow-up meetings with certain customers. These may take place the same evening, the next day, or at another time.

  • Sep 5- The day after:

    time for the real work to start after the "fun travel part" - The follow up and the team briefing work should be planned during the first week after return. The consultant will send a form to provide your notes and feedback from all of your meetings. Within 5 days of the meeting, you will receive a post-meeting report with the customers’ feedback along with our input for you to drive any follow-ups yourself.

  • Step ++ - Carry-over option:

    We can assign one of our account manager to follow up and build the opportunity with the identified targets. The account manager will discuss what add-on services we can provide to support your follow-ups with identified or additional customers, partners or distributors in either the same or other geographical markets.



  • Meet 5, 10 or 15 potential customers/partners

  • Present your company and offering

  • Collect market data and feedbacks

  • Define your next steps


  • Product/market Due Diligence

  • Identify existing or potential RFP/RFQ/RFI

  • Meet 10 or 15 potential customers/distributors

  • Pitch your company value  and offering

  • Collect market data and feedbacks

  • Define your next steps


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