Our Offering


Junior, senior,  Are they simply reliable ?

It’s hard to find reliable, affordable business experts to help you reach your goals. At least, it used to be.  At DeMusset, we give you direct access to the same experienced, quality consultants you’ll find at the top firms, only in a fraction of the time, and a competitive price.

What is an Expert Consultant today ?

You don’t become an expert overnight. Ours consultants spent years working on behalf of some of the biggest consulting firms in the world.  We do not limit ourselves to recruiting juniors from school, we offer a platform to free-lancers, in many cases with a strong and valuable expertise. Our work is to focus on the Job, not limit ourselves by the employment contract or turnover rate.

Our belief

Consultancies are shifting from integrated solution shops to modular providers, which specialize in supplying one specific link in the value chain.


DeMusset offers an optimal blend of integrated professional services to satisfy the varying and diversified needs of different business spectrum and be the comprehensive choice for customers. Hence, we developed several independent sectors that are interrelated: Financial, Energy & utilities, Telecom and Government sector.

We are an independent company, which means that our recommendations are objective and take into account only your best interests. Our consultants are focusing on deliver a high end expertise truly actionable. We conduct rigorous testing, screening, and background analyses for everyone we place with your organization.

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance:

    We operates in the BFI industry on various assignments:   Asset Management, Securities services, Compliance & regulatory, Risk Management, digital   transformation, retail strategy, Customer experience, block chain,   Cyber-Security and corporate   & Investment Banking.

  • Telecom, Utilities and Energy:

    A fast and challenging industry for which we can   provide   assistance and expert on SAP, CEM, VAS, OSS, BSS, E2E Architecture, security,   CCNA, CISSP, FMC,   VoLTE, SDN, MVNE, WFM, IoT.

  • Government sector/Public services:

    Our mission is to bring talents that will help   government or public administration to define and implement smart government   strategy;   overseeing smart transformation processes; reviewing government entities' plans and budgets   related to smart transformation, smart IT services and infrastructure; Regulatory aspects to   support Smart Transformation

Staffing modules

Technology Consulting Staffing modules :

  • IT strategy :

    IT strategy optimization, organizational and infrastructure design, IT business alignment, IT benchmarking and return on investment, data governance, sourcing and vendor selection, and IT cost takeout.

  • Credit risk management:

    Define and implement a framework for managing credit instruments, counterparties, defaults, and losses and a risk architecture.

  • Regulatory & Compliance:

    Implementation, optimization and review of solution and processes for Basel II & III, Dodd-Frank, GLBA/AML, and others - as well as readiness assessments.

  • Information Management:

    Defining and implementing analytic s framework and BI solutions, define data models and  performance tools.

  • SI:

    Handle small to large delivery and integration challenges.

  • Telecom:

    Operational expertise to wireless service buyers and sellers, satellite operators, tower operators and equipment manufacturers. Our people have an extensive experience on wireless, fixed and broadband telecom

Some work assignments capabilities:

  • Project Management/PMO:

    PMP Certified individuals with specialized knowledge of software development methodologies including, Rapid Prototyping, Agile, Object-Oriented, Model Driven and Chaos

  • Security:

    Define security guidelines, forensic analysis, integration of security solutions (firewall, IPS/IDS, SIEM, proxy, WAF), penitents, patch management policy

Consultants roles

Financial advisory:

The main disciplines within Financial Advisory are less related from a functional perspective – the grouping is based on the dependency on financial skills and competences, in many cases combined with analytical rigor. As a consequence, the disciplines can, to a large extent, be seen as separate service areas: a corporate finance or M&A consultant, for example, performs substantially different activities than a risk expert, while a forensics engagement entails complete different activities compared to property valuation project. In addition, a share of financial advisory services overlaps with other consulting segments and even non-consulting services. For instance, corporate finance and M&A services are also offered by strategy consultants and investment bankers, while litigation & forensic services also are part of the service portfolio of (specialized) law firms. Typically, the financial side of compensation & benefits – part of the HR consulting segment – also falls within the scope of financial advisory, in particular pensions and healthcare consulting.

IT consultants:

Technology consultants are hired by clients to support them with using information technology to meet business objectives or overcome problems. The type of work can range from strategic (such as developing a new IT strategy or IT cybersecurity approach) to tactical (such as the implementation of an ERP system or the selection of an IT system) to highly operational (such as the development of a mobile application).

Operations Consultants:

Operations consultants are hired by clients to support them with improving the efficiency of their value chain. These services include developing and implementing target operating / service delivery models, executing cost reduction programmes and optimizing business processes. In addition, it includes designing and implementing business transformations in both primary and secondary functions. Examples include boosting the 'Customer Experience' (Sales, Marketing), improving the efficiency of logistics (Supply Chain), redesigning the manner raw materials are sourced (Procurement) and other front-office and back-office initiatives. In many cases improvements leverage technology, so projects include close cooperation with digital and IT consultants

Looking for talents

We are constantly looking for new talents. Are you one of them? Let us know. 

The market

Historically, consulting clients wanted to reduce cost and increase efficiency, both of which were satisfactory goals. Today, these customers want consulting partners to help with innovating and improving processes. Automation and efficiency without improvement are no longer sufficient goals. Largely, this shift mirrors what’s happening with IT in general . Simply reducing IT spend by a percent or two does not add strategic value to an organization; that benefit only happens when IT drives real business change and improvement. Last year the US consulting market grew by 9% to over $50 billion. Latest estimates from market analysts reveal that 2016 is yet to be another bright year. Finance and risk management lead the growth at around 12%, followed by technology consulting at 10%. Particularly tech advisory is expected to stay in demand over the coming years, providing a strong basis for continued high growth in the US consulting market.

Strong fundamentals

According to a recent study by Source Information Services, a UK-based analyst firm, concern about the rate of growth can be put to rest for the time being – with the strong growth a reflection of strong fundamentals in the US rather than the outward symptoms of another bubble. The researchers see three major factors driving the consulting figures in the US: the US economy’s strength; clients’ use of consultants; and technological development, with an emphasis on digital transformation.

The rise in the US GDP of between 2% - 2.5% annually projected for the coming years mean that firms have more funds available for investment in consulting advice in at least the near term. And with many executives still keen on hiring providers to deal with problems – with in-house teams remaining relatively expensive – consults continue to reap the benefits of demand. The biggest issue to solve for clients, and thereby the biggest boon for the consulting industry, remains digitalization.

Digital Reality

Digital Transformation is not an option – it is already part of any organizations. Most of our customers are already using digital environment. The challenge is to identify, embrace and assist people in this companies to better integrate the full value of the digital in their daily work.

Of the different consulting segments, financial management and risk consulting remains the fastest growing – although the market itself remains relatively small – at 12%. The second fastest growing sector is technology, which is expected to grow by 10%. Relatively lagging – but still with fierce growth – are operational improvement consulting and strategy consulting at 7% and 8% respectively.

The transformation of businesses – particularly large corporates – into behemoths of the 21st century through digitalization remains a cash cow for many consultancies, and thereby, a major growth factor. And with businesses seeing the direct benefits of digitalization within their competitors’ value chains, demand for such transformations are expected to remain high – and with it, demand for consultants.


Some of our capabilities


Change Management
Test Management (Manual/Automation)
Stakeholder/Senior Sponsors management
3rd party vendor management
Onsite-Offshore team management
Requirement Capture & Facilitation
Functional Specification & Design
Process analysis & Design
Project Management
Training test/business users
Issue/Incident Management


Change the bank - regulatory finance
Operational risk – business analyst
Consultant/project manager
Business analyst – Compliance


STQB Foundation Certification
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification
CISI certified Risk in Financial Services
Qlikview for reports
Strong Business experience and knowledge of Credit Risk- EE, PD, LGD, EPE, CS01, RWA and PFE calculations, Market risk -VaR, Delta, Gamma, Rho , Theta and Vega
EMIR regulations
Risk & PnL Project
Basel II, 2.5 & III Pillars
Volcker Rule Metrics
FR Y-14A, FR Y-9C, FFIEC 101
Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test