DeMusset provides international strategy consulting as well as legal and administrative assistance for international expansion.

DeMusset focuses on environment and renewable energies companies: biomass, green chemistry, gas and biogas, geothermal science, photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, wind energy, small hydro, smart grids, energy efficiency and energy storage.

DeMusset is also part of an R&D initiative to build bio blocks form sub-product. The initiative is under its subsidiary, Kaexa SAS, based in the south of France with a focus on transforming organic waste into high value molecules

Solar PV/CPV

The solar power market is one of the today's profitable and growing renewable energy markets. However, grasping all the opportunities it can offer means keeping abreast of its specificities and constantly reviewing the changing framework of solar plant projects. DeMusset services have been designed to meet the needs of investors and local authorities, but also to assist solar plant developers and operators over the entire lifecycle of their projects or portfolios.

DeMusset’s regulatory, technical and financial advisory capabilities provide support at each step of your projects:

  • What are the regulatory requirements applying to solar plant projects? What should you review during the due diligence process?

  • How can you estimate feed-in tariffs future values?

  • What are your site potential and its related net annual energy output?

  • How should you evaluate the selling price of a solar plant project or portfolio?

Wind market

Assistance with the development of wind farms

  • DeMusset provides support for wind farm projects throughout the entire development cycle, mobilizing the technical, regulatory and financial experience of its experts.

Helping define your project

  • Our technical experts can help you select sites with the best wind energy potential by anticipating zoning and regulatory risks.

  • They can also assist you in evaluating potential production and revenues, feasibility and costs of connecting to the power network.

  • At this stage, we can also provide support for the promotion of your project with investors and help raise the necessary capital to finance the development phase of your wind farm.

  • Our specialists in wind power regulations provide valuable support by identifying all local players and performing numerous mandatory administrative procedures and find local partners for a wind farm?

Our Services

Market and strategy

We advise clients in policy development, regulation, market rules, strategy and business development.

  • Concrete analysis of the national and regional energy markets, providing a detailed and comprehensive description of market growth and demand, of policies and regulatory frameworks, of competitive strategies of utilities

  • Support and strategic advice for their expansion plans and external growth strategies, through a risk assessment of their overall entry strategy or an assistance for the identification of companies and projects to acquire

  • Preliminary and complete feasibility studies of power plant projects

  • Validation and assistance relative to site selection

  • Planning chart and assistance for power plant development, for the entire administrative formalities and public acceptance process

Project Finance

Calculating Profitability & WACC:

  • Business planning and financial modeling

  • Planning chart and assistance for power plant development, for the entire administrative formalities and public acceptance process

  • Due diligence and financial evaluation of power plant

  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is one of the key elements in calculating the price of an asset or an energy project(country risks, exchange rates, regulated tariffs, revenues on the market or guaranteed by the State).

Modelling of pricing and purchase agreements in renewable energy:

  • Analysis of Power purchase agreements (PPA) or corporate PPA

  • Integrate both PPA and spot pricing into the operational calculations

  • PPA analysis integrating variable pricing structures, milestones, and penalties

  • Develop comprehensive debt modelling mechanics, with a  specific application of DSCR sculpted repayment using first principle calculation for full transparency

Commercial and Development

We can help our clients establish the framework for the tender and negotiation of construction contracts

  • Identify local developers, EPC’s or debt partners

  • Form of contract: EPC or multi-contract approaches, on a build-to-design or design-and-build basis, for balance sheet investment, recourse or non-recourse project finance

  • Procurement: Establishment of appropriate Employers Requirements to be incorporated into final contract documents, coordination tenders and assessment of submissions

  • Contract negotiations: Secure comprehensive technical schedules, appropriate payment terms, periods of defect liability, warranties, Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LADs) and compensation

  • Risk assessment and mitigation: Preparation of project risk registers and identification of immediate and ongoing options for risk mitigation and management, particularly around scope of supply and programme interfaces, and the effective delivery of the project against all Employer's Requirements

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