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WHY DeMusset

Alfred de Musset is a poet of the beginning of the 19th century in Paris. Mostly known for his romantic poems, his theater pieces and his novels, de Musset’s first collection of poems won the approval of Victor Hugo, who accepted him in his Romantic literary circle: Cénacle.

“Que cette idee ne vous vienne jamais, de paraitre
douter de vous, car aussitot tout le monde en doute.”

“Pour reussir dans le monde, seigneur etudiant,
retenez bien ces trois maximes: voir, c’est savoir;
vouloir c’est pouvoir; oser, c’est avoir.”

“La critique juste donne de l’elan et de l‘ardeur. La
critique injuste n’est jamais a craindre.”

“La politesse est une monnaie qui ne ruine personne.”

“Should doubt never comes to you, because soon
everyone will doubt too.”

“To succeed in the world, remember these three
maxims well: to see is to know; to want is to can;
Daring is to have”

“Fair criticism gives momentum and ardor. Unfair
criticism is never to be feared.”

“Politeness is a currency that doesn't ruin anybody.”

Sensitivity, tolerance, patience and creativity can be acquired or explained through art. DeMusset’s poetry is one of our ways to remain inspired and efficient. We believe in these values in our day to day interactions.

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